By, Vajid Abdulla
Basking in the sun,
I thought of the fun,
That we had in that years,
Filled with joys and tears.
Twisting roads and paths,
Funny words and complex maths,
We had time to ponder
And talkative friends to wander.
Tall trees and laughing flowers,
Long days and leisure hours,
Everyday there was something new to discover,
To shield in the hearts forever.
As days became months,
Friends became digital moths,
Joys and merries receded,
Hate and aversion preceded.
As flowers gave way to flyovers,
Joint families cut short into temporary lovers,
Ways of seeing things got limited,
Volcanoes of creativity got melted.
What now remains is a single road,
A single food and a single good,
Laying in this beach, I crave
Had I been out of this grave…
Vajid Abdulla V is undergraduate student in Calicut University. He has been writing poems for last three years though he couldn’t made it to public.

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