Madeenathunnoor Academium Publication – The Map – is operated by Academium, an intellectually driven wing under the students union of Madeenathunnoor college, which endeavors to arrange a viable platform for the students to develop their academic scholarship and calibre.

The MAP works as an anthology of students’ writings in both English and Malayalam. It will publish the works of students which are not published previously elsewhere along with leaving spaces for the works published earlier in any journals or magazines.


1. We invite submissions from every students including different off-campuses of Markaz Garden. Submissions ranging from serious academic studies, research papers, journalistic articles to the creative fictions including short story, short – shorts, poetry etc., and art works are invited.

2. While emailing your pieces, please write ‘New Map’ in the subject line if your article is not previously published. Email: mncacademium@gmail.com

3. The link of the works previously published in any online journals should be attached. Works printed before should be send in their MS Word format along with the details of publication. And the subject line of previously published pieces should be written as ‘Re Map.’

4. The pieces should not be less than 600 words and not more than 1800 words. We are open to making exceptions  to this rule, if particular piece deserves more space.

5. Photo essays, paintings, portraiture on any topics pertaining to any area are invited to Art Works column. Pre- published works are also welcomed with the details of publication.

6. Research papers, presented in conferences or published in any journals, are invited along with the details of the presentation or the publication respectively.